Guest Essays, the Arts, Education, Torah and Science

1. Guest Essays and Videos from our Friends:

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Realizations of a Righteous Gentile

Thanks for U.N.A. Courses

A Gentile’s Experience of Torah Learning

A Noahide’s letter to her Member of Parliament

Book Review by A.K. Gupta, India: The Divine Code

Interview with Rabbi Nachman M. Bernard o.b.m.: “Noahides”

Thoughts on Turning 50

Acts of kindness vs. forbidden relations

Noahides and the December Season

New! Challenge of Noahide outreach during COVID-19 restrictions

Article in Norwegian: The Righteous Man: Noah gives us the recipe for how we can save the world


Soulsparks #1: Introduction to Soulspark Broadcasts about the Psalms

Soulsparks #2: Precepts & Prayer as Practices in Noahide Life

Soulsparks #3: To Pray for Health with Trust in G-d

Soulsparks #4: Noahide View on Shavuot – When Torah was Given


2. Poetry


The Little Girl

A Child’s Poem to G-d


Trees – Glorious Trees!

One Leaf (a poem of consolation)

Judgment or Observation?

Let There Be LIGHT

A Poetic Call to Action

A New Perspective on Life

A Heavenly Rose (poem for a baby girl)

For Your Graciousness


3. Crucial Issues in Education:

Teaching Respect to Children

School Tuition Vouchers

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4. Torah and Science:

Creation and Science: Age of the Universe

The Past of our Future: Secrets of Noah’s Ark

The 10th Plague in Egypt: Kabalah and Modern Science

What’s in a Name? Much Ado about the “G-d Particle” [in Italian]

Is there Hidden [Scientific] Information in Biblical Hebrew

Scientific evidence against evolution: clashes between the theory and reality

The waters of the “Great Deep” (Genesis 7)? Click Here

Dawn of a new era in Science, Medicine, Technology, Environment, Communities: Break of Dawn

New! The following paper presents the Standard Model of particle physics, as well as superstrings, as processes of a Quantum Computer. It gives an explanation (see beginning of Part 2) that parallels the kabbalistic principle of creation through G-d’s “speech”, in terms of combinations of “letters” into “words” as described in Shaar HaYichud VeHaEmunah:


5. Art, Music and Animation:

Ask Noah’s Gallery of Art and Songs by Adults