Guest Essays, the Arts, Education, Torah and Science

1. Guest Essays and Videos from our Friends

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Realizations of a Righteous Gentile

Thanks for U.N.A. Courses

A Gentile’s Experience of Torah Learning

A Noahide’s letter to the British House of Lords

A Noahide’s letter to her Member of Parliament

Book Review by A.K. Gupta, India: The Divine Code

Interview with Rabbi Nachman M. Bernard o.b.m.: “Noahides”

Thoughts on Turning 50

Acts of kindness vs. forbidden relations

Noahides and the December Season

Challenge of Noahide outreach during COVID-19 restrictions

Article in Norwegian: The Righteous Man: Noah gives us the recipe for how we can save the world

Videos & Podcasts:

Soulsparks #1: Introduction to Soulspark Broadcasts about the Psalms

Soulsparks #2: Precepts & Prayer as Practices in Noahide Life

Soulsparks #3: Noahide View on Shavuot – When Torah was Given

NEW! Epoch Deluge Studios – by Rhonda bas Noach

2. Poetry

Our Journey of Acceptance

The Little Girl

A Child’s Poem to G-d


Trees – Glorious Trees!

One Leaf (a poem of consolation)

Judgment or Observation?

Let There Be LIGHT

A Poetic Call to Action

A New Perspective on Life

A Heavenly Rose (poem for a baby girl)

For Your Graciousness


3. Crucial Issues in Education

Teaching Respect to Children

School Tuition Vouchers

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4. Torah and Science

Creation and Science: Age of the Universe

The Past of our Future: Secrets of Noah’s Ark

The 10th Plague in Egypt: Kabalah and Modern Science

What’s in a Name? Much Ado about the “G-d Particle” [in Italian]

Is there Hidden [Scientific] Information in Biblical Hebrew

Scientific evidence against evolution: clashes between the theory and reality

The waters of the “Great Deep” (Genesis 7)? Click Here

Dawn of a new era in Science, Medicine, Technology, Environment, Communities: Break of Dawn

The theoretical physics article, “A Complete Set of 22 Elementary Particles for an Expanded Standard Model“, presents a proposed theory of complete elementary particle physics. The source for the theory is Sefer Yetzirah, which is the oldest book of Kabbalah (traditionally attributed to Abraham). In this theory, the proposed number of 22 elementary particles corresponds to the 22 letters of the aleph-bet in Hebrew (the holy language of G-d’s divine speech). These are traditionally known as the “building blocks of [ex nihilo] creation“. The author of the article cites the consistency of this proposed theory with the teachings in the book Shaar HaYichud VeHaEmunah (The Gate of Unity and Faith) by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.


5. Art, Music and Animation:

Ask Noah’s Gallery of Art and Songs by Adults