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A Noahide’s letter to the British House of Lords

From: WriteToThem
Date: 16 June 2014 07:54
Subject: Please confirm that you want to send a message to Baroness Warsi

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— the team

Monday 16 June 2014

The Baroness Warsi
House of Lords

Dear Lady Warsi,

May G-d be with you and bless you as we come together in this letter.

I am a mother, and like many I have had – and continue to take on – different roles throughout my life. These in the main have to involve the uniting of people to provide the best outcomes of service and understanding. Granted, this is based on what often becomes limited understanding on behalf of those I have worked for and alongside with as a family. Like many, I have also felt as an outsider and alienated and misunderstood!

We do not know each other, and I confess yours was one of the only ones I recognised on the Lords list that I have not contacted before. But today I feel it is worth consulting, for you are within maybe the more debating side of politics, so could I suggest a consulting role?

I read on-line that David Cameron wants to promote British Values, and this has already upset some other group and community leaders.  Rather than set up yet another word to describe us all, which is confusing and not something we all feel comfortable with as we share this island and live the ways of our forefathers, I would like to suggest that now is not the time to recreate values, but rather return to what binds humanity – and that is love, peace, and concern for one’s fellowman, so that all may be reflected over time through an acknowledgment of the values G-d gave us through Moses and the Oral recording (truth) of the 7 Noahide (Universal) Commandments.

It would also be fitting, I feel, to recognise these now as a Moral Code and reminder, and in recognition of the passing and work of Rabbi Nachman Sudak, OBE, a leader of British Jewry, as a living memory and final dedication, and highlighting the position that our Jewish ‘family’ hold in our hearts. Notably, they help us understand and resettle this land through globally providing peace and understanding for many people like myself who have suffered much, but in light of their teachings, have found a universal path and return to G-d.

Thanking you for your consideration,

May G-d continue to bless and guide you on your path,

Yours sincerely,

M. H.

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