A Noahide’s letter to her Member of Parliament

From: WriteToThem
Date: 28 January 20’12
Subject: Please confirm that you want to send a message to John Redwood MP

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— the WriteToThem.com team

28 January 20’12

Dear John,

It has come to my attention that Mr. Cameron may be instigating the debating of homosexual marriage proposals this year, possibly beginning March 20’12.  I would therefore like to share with you today what was commanded to Adam and then again brought to us through Noah after the Flood on the subject of forbidden relationships, which is available to read and study from the Ask Noah website.

As you are a representative of Wokingham residents, and in knowledge that I am one of many who hold strong views on this subject that you also represent on our behalf “in the House,” I would be grateful therefore if you could find the time to peruse this site and take into account our views also on this subject which, I might also add, I find quite disturbing at this time in light of all that is being discussed and/or agreed “in the House,” contrary to these commands.

Maybe also now that you too are aware of this advice and information, you might also share it perhaps with anyone else who may be involved in this debate, so that they have a rounded picture of with whom they are engaging in: one Country… and indeed one Family… of global brothers and sisters… under G-d, as we now find and recognise that we are across all Nations already sharing common lands, and we are interrelated in ways only G-d understands. And G-d has to date tolerated in His way and time; however, as many of us believe, this too will change as we learn to accept His will in each and every aspect of life.

Thank you for your time. Herewith the website:


G-d be with you and bless you on your path.

Yours sincerely,

M. H.