A Note of Thanks for Guiding Noahides

The following personal letter was submitted to the AskNoah.org website by a Bas Noach who wishes to express her thanks.

When I first started your United Noahide Academies classes, you immediately backed me into a corner, and that was the best thing you could have done. I had allowed myself to be fairly paralyzed by my thoughts of possibly converting to become a Jew – will I or will I not… A very effective strategy of the yetzar hara [“evil inclination”] which I fully indulged for several years.

But now I have begun to understand what it means to be a faithful Gentile before G-d. It is such a privilege to aspire to be Eliezar (or the female version thereof). I can love and honor the Jewish people, and not feel anything lacking in my own path. In fact, it’s enough work for me to try and be a good Gentile, and strive toward “in all your ways, know Him.” I see myself very differently now.

In a recent conversation, you wrote “By the way, Hasidei Umos Ha’olom [observant and Torah-faithful Noahides] need to learn and aspire to Torah-based ethics,” which seemed so obvious once I heard it said. I think I know what HaShem was showing me, as it highlights another insidious effort on the part of the yetzar hara to which I am very vulnerable. So thanks also for that.

And thank you so much for allowing me to participate within my comfort zone, safely behind my keyboard. G-d willing, I will try to bring the effort from cyberspace into real space. But that’s years of habitual behavior to modify.

And most of all, thank you for the service that you have chosen. You are teaching from a breadth and depth of knowledge. You know both the halacha [Torah law] and chassidus [inner spiritual meanings of Torah] for Gentiles – but you also know the Gentiles. You know us in all our variety, and you know the sincere yearning for HaShem that so many of us have. And you respond with such profound generosity.

Thank you for all your giving, and for bringing to fulfillment the call to help bring MOSHIACH NOW!