A Poetic Call to Action

The Shofar Call

by Brandie bas Noach

The world is in a desperate state
Spiraling, wounded towards her fate.
No one can stop her, none at all
Until they hear the shofar call.
At first it’s distant, far away,
But it grows stronger every day.
Come and see and teach and do.
Don’t stop now, we’re almost through!
You must learn to serve Him well
Then of His glory you must tell.
Only then can fate be swayed
We’ll clean up the mess we’ve made.
Darkness will be turned to light,
And the blind will be given sight.
Then the world will truly see
Just how beautiful life can be
When Moshiach will come down,
Upon his head a golden crown,
To save us from our self-destruction;
Knowledge spreads through his instruction.
Until as the water covers the sea
The knowledge of Him covers you and me.
So let’s get busy, let’s work hard,
Plant yourself in His Courtyard.
His Seven Mitzvot you must do,
Live a life that is Torah-true!