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I. Ask Noah / U.N.A. endorses the recorded and live classes from The Noahide Code e-Learning Institute

Beginners Free Course

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II. You are invited to join AskNoah’s campaign for World-Wide Unity and the Noahide Movement!

  • New 9th Annual Self-Study Cycle of THE DIVINE CODE begins June 21, 20’17
  • You may start participating at any point in the cycle.
  • To download the new daily self-study schedule for June 20’16 – June 20’17 CLICK HERE

One obvious way to participate in a world-wide unified activity is through unified study of the Noahide Code. By undertaking a daily schedule of study, great numbers of people can be united in studying the same topics of Noahide observance on the same day, on every day of the year.

We have therefore divided our “Divine Code” series, the first-ever authoritative codification of the Noahide Commandments and the Noahide faith, into an easy and convenient program for daily study. In this way, a participant will cover all topics within the Noahide Code in one year. We have posted the study schedule as PDF file, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The book is available from the AskNoah Store and other on-line sources.

You are invited to send us an email to register your participation, and let us know what city or country and state or province you are residing in.

III.  U.N.A. Course 2. Foundations of Torah, Principles of Faith, and Moshiach (the Messiah)

There are 8 lessons in this self-study UNA course. Lesson 1 is posted here. Beginning 2 October ’11, registration for the full course may be requested by email or through our Contact Us page.

LESSON 1: The Foundations of Torah Faith; Prophets and Prophecy

LESSON 2: The Authenticity of the Written Torah and the Oral Torah

LESSON 3: The Principle of Mashiach (the Messiah) and the Messianic Era – Part A

LESSON 4: The Principle of Mashiach (the Messiah) and the Messianic Era – Part B

A reader’s feedback, received by email: “I do truly appreciate what you posted about ‘The Fundamental Principles of the Torah Faith’ in Lesson 1. I’m quite sure others feel the same way. I read it several times. I’m humbly moved by the fact and truth presented, and how far off I was until now. I know I have so many hurdles and a long way to go, but it’s a wonderful feeling to come to a realization that this time I’m on the right track – G-d’s track and pathway!!! I can’t thank you enough.”

IV. On-line excerpts and synopsis from “The Divine Code” by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, in several languages.

Read the Author’s Introduction to the Seven Noahide Laws, and excerpts from Part I (The Foundation of the Noahide Code; Awareness of G-d, Serving G-d, Prayer, Obligatory Moral Conduct, and Repentance), and other selected chapters.

Click the following options for PDF files (point with cursor for lesson descriptions):


#1. Introduction to the Noahide Code

#2. Foundation of the Noahide Code

#3. Awareness of G-d

#4. Serving G-d, Prayer and Grace after Meals

#5. Moral Conduct and Repentance

#6. The Noahide Prohibition of Idolatry

#7. Prohibition of Blasphemy & Obligation to Honor G-d

#8. Murder includes Abortion and Euthansia

#9. Precepts Related to Noahide Marriage

NEW! #10. The Obligation for a Judicial System



Introduzione – Codice Divino

Le Fondamenta del Codice Noachide

Persian: History تاریخ


INTRODUÇÃO do Código Noético

INTRODUÇÃO do Fundamentos da Fé

Consciência de D-us

Servindo à D-us

Moral Obrigatória e Arrependimento

Proibição de Idolatria


Осознание Всевышнего

Служение Всевышнему умом и сердцем

запрещенные отношения


Conciencia de Di-os

Sevir a Di-os

Arrepentimiento Personal