Book Review by A.K. Gupta, India: The Divine Code

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Book review of The Divine Code


The book “The Divine Code” makes an interesting reading. It gives a very good insight in great details about Values and Ideals which were propounded by the Prophet Moses and about day to day activities which other sages developed under his guidance for practicing by ancient society, more than 3000 years ago, in Israel.

Renowned author Rabbi Moshe Weiner and Editor Dr. Michael Schulman have rendered a great service by publishing the translation this Hebrew Literature in English language, for the benefit of modern day society. This is because since then a number of sects have come up in every region of the world, propagating different ideologies, but it is remarkable to find that the teachings of Seven Noahide Commandments revealed around 1312 BCE (Hebrew year 2448) are still very much relevant for enriching and balancing the lives of people.


A K Gupta

Member, Book Lover’s Forum

August 14, 2011