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What We Should Learn from Noah

There are lessons we should take from Noah’s way of serving G-d: his efforts before the flood, and his saving the world by bringing all species of life into the ark.
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After the Flood

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Humans and Animals Originated in the East

The Rebbe explains the spreading out of animals and people over the earth, after their creation in the Garden of Eden and again after the Flood of Noah.
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*Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge: For All Righteous Gentiles

This book teaches righteous outlooks and character traits for all Gentiles / Noahides who are searching for connection with G-d.
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Welcome to Ask Noah International

Guiding individuals, communities, and the world to the

Seven Universal Noahide Commandments for All Mankind

Recognized and Praised by Major Government Leaders

The Noahide (or Noachide) Code of 7 Divine Commandments was given to Noah and his children after the flood. These commandments would assure Noah and his children, the pioneers of the new human race, that humanity would not degenerate into a jungle again. The laws prohibit (1) idolatry, (2) blasphemy, (3) homicide, (4) forbidden relations, (5) robbery, and (6) eating meat that was taken from a still-living animal (cruelty to animals), and require (7) establishment of courts of justice. The precepts included in these commandments provide the guidelines for truly moral behavior, as the Divine Code that is the foundation of all true morality.

We are dedicated to teaching about these commandments in the light of Torah, with insights on the nature of creation, and our important roles as individuals and community members. When we fulfill our potential within the context of this Divine covenant, the creation is elevated to reach its intended goal. This makes the world into a beautiful gem – a place where G-d can (and will) dwell!

You can be a beacon of light to dispel the darkness.
Learn, live, and reach out to others with acts of goodness and kindness.

These 7 Goals will uplift your life and the lives of those around you:

            1. Knowledge of the One True G-d
            2. Respect G-d’s Holy Name
            3. Respect the Sanctity of Human Life
            4. Respect the Traditional Family
            5. Respect the Property of Others
            6. Respect All Creatures
            7. Establish a Righteous Judicial System

The 7 Noahide Commandments are A Moral Code to Unite All Mankind.

We invite your participation, and especially,
your Acts of Goodness and Kindness to Pay it Forward!

The Noachide Daily Dose:

The Light of TorahEntry in HaYom Yom (Day by Day), for 26th of Elul 5777  (corresponding to 17 September 20’17):

The following prayer with the theme of G-d’s Kingship is based on the translation in the Rosh HaShanah prayer book published by Kehot, 19’83:

[O G-d,] Your Kingship is exalted, Your throne is established with lovingkindness, and You are seated on it in truth. It is true that You are the Judge, the One who presents evidence, the Knower and the Witness, who records and seals, who counts and reckons, and You remember all things that are forgotten. You open the Book of Remembrance and it reads itself; every person’s signature is in it… All created beings pass before You, [one by one,] like a flock of sheep. As a shepherd examines his flock, so do You cause to pass [before You] every living soul, and You count, reckon and are mindful of [them], and You allocate the fixed portion for the needs of all Your creatures, and inscribe the verdict of their judgment. But [a person’s] repentance, prayer and charity avert the strictness of the decree!

For as is Your Name so is Your praise. You are slow to anger and easy to pacify, for You do not desire the death of one deserving death, but that he return from his [sinful] path and live. And [even] until the day of his death You wait for him; if he will but repent, You will welcome him at once. Truly, You are their Creator and You know their evil inclination, for they are but flesh and blood. A person’s origin is dust and his end is unto dust. He earns his bread at the risk of his life. He is likened to a broken potsherd, to withering grass, to a fading flower, to a passing shadow, to a vanishing cloud, to a blowing wind, to dust that scatters and to a fleeting dream. But You are the King, the living and eternal G-d!

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