Poem: New Perspective on Life

New Eyes

by Brandie bas Noach

He could not hear the music.
The roses all smelled plain.
Although the forecast called for sun
Upon his head fell rain.

Every day his chores, a burden.
Every night his family, stressed.
Not one would stop and ponder
The many ways that they were blessed.

For if they had started looking
Beyond the veil and where it lies
They would see the rain as mercy
Falling gently from the skies.

Every day, a blessing.
The chores, G-d’s work to do.
Every night Psalms and prayers,
Thank G-d we made it through!

Thank G-d we have our family!
Thank G-d we have our friends!
Thank G-d the scent of roses
Drifts softly on the winds.

Thank G-d the rain is ending!
The sun is coming out!
The time has come for growing;
There is no more room for doubt.

Redemption it is coming
Upon a donkey as they say.
Thank G-d for all His mercy,
And for showing us the way!