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Poem: Judgment or Observation?

by Michelle H.

Judgment or observation?

You know what you saw

You know how you feel

You know what it meant… to know, to sense

Judgment or observation

Lesson or witness

What IS really real?

Is every emotion a moment in time

How much should we remember

to feel

Do we belong alongside or become part of it?

Judgment or observation

Which is our role

Do we really exist

Or is all of it a test

How much should we remember, rely on

Or know to be true

How do you know

how to follow a rule?

Judgment or observation

We store the thought in a similar vein

But how we then use it

Is the Name of the game…

To restore your balance and bring you some peace

Lift it all in prayer and drift off to sleep… So that IF tomorrow is given

You know you still have a purpose and a place where you’re needed