Challenge of Noahide outreach during COVID-19 restrictions

The following personal essay was submitted to the web site by a Canadian Bas Noach who wishes to share her thoughts with our visitors.

This has been a challenging time, but it depends on how you perceive it. You either can embrace it or complain about it.

I have learned so much in this space of time, including to appreciate and not take for granted how precious it is to be with people, and to encourage, uplift, support and reach out to others. That is what G-d wants us to do, and we were not doing it enough. I love to encourage and help people, and when I do, it sets my soul aflame.

I also discovered during this time that if my husband and I were not prepared spiritually, it would have been a much greater hardship to go through. It was a deep time of reflection from within and much soul searching. It is not the type of light that shines in brightness, but the True Light that comes out of darkness.

I have been trying to figure out what my role in all of this is. I surely do want to help people come to the Truth, and I keep hoping that G-d makes a way for us to reach out and bring the Truth of the Torah and the Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noach – the Seven Noahide Commandments – to those who are still stuck in the lies of false beliefs.

We keep trying to think of what we can do here in our area. I think of putting the book Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge in mail boxes, and on and on it goes with other ideas. If the Gentile nations would only disconnect themselves from the brainwashing and deception that comes from false religions that make others into scapegoats.

I am concerned about what may happen to them if they don’t come to the Truth. If you read Isaiah 41 to Isaiah 48, it is so clear Who G-d is, what He expects, and the ramification if you don’t heed His warnings. It speaks about idolatry and how serious a transgression it is. Also, in Ezekiel 13, Deuteronomy 13 about false prophets, and in Daniel about the last kingdom that will be destroyed. I think of the Exodus and how G-d kept showing His patience over and over again to Pharaoh so that he would repent. But each time that the Pharaoh claimed to submit to G-d’s command, almost immediately he turned backwards instead of going forward. This type of behavior makes it harder to repent, because once you know the Truth and you ignore it, you’re not in a good place.

Mighty nations have disappeared over the course of history, but the chosen people of G-d will never disappear. Thank G-d, for without the Jewish People we would no longer be here to acknowledge this amazing G-d Whom we should serve, and how holy this One True G-d truly is.

I am so grateful that G-d allowed my husband and me to come to learn the truth.  I have reached out to a few people who were reluctant to hear this truth, but when you plant a seed it is amazing how G-d will water it and nurture it. Then when you get a call from those you reached out to and they start to see the truth, there is no greater joy then helping someone in this way.

It must have been like that for Abraham, who reached out to so many people. How elated he must have been to share his message and his knowledge about our great G-d.  What an example to follow! It is so exciting to share knowledge about G-d and bring the Truth of His Torah to other Gentiles. You can see the fruit of your labor, after you’re patient with people and give them space to internalize the truth, and G-d does the rest.

As G-d is patient with us, we are to be the same with others. If someone bares hostility towards you, humble yourself as we see in II Samuel 16:5-10, when King David said “He is cursing [me] because G-d has [obviously] said to him, ‘Curse David’.” This is such a powerful lesson!

I did try to give the Seven Gates book to someone, and they refused to accept it.  I asked, “Do you listen to the Rabbis?” and the response was, “I don’t listen to the Rabbis.” It was so disheartening, but I gave this person an inspirational card along with a prayer, and that was received. So, there is always hope. We can still pray, and when we pray with fervor and genuine sincerity and caring about the other person, maybe G-d will intervene. They can refuse a book, but prayer to G-d on their behalf can never be refused when we pray wholeheartedly. G-d knows before the word is on our lips if it is real or fake. He is hoping it is deep from our hearts.

In closing, I hope that in some way we will be able to reach more people, and they will come to know that by serving the One True G-d of Israel, they will discover how powerful it is to embrace the Truth of Torah. And along with this, how they can actually help elevate the Jewish People spiritually and bring unity into this world. I look at humanity, and I see the Jewish People as the head, and we Gentiles are the body. Without the head, the body cannot function properly, and vice versa.

It all has to be set in order. On Passover, the “seder” means the “order” of the service. Likewise, there is only Order and Truth in Heaven. If we don’t start knowing the truth and the order of things while we are down here in the physical world, how will we ever be able to live with G-d? Because His signature is His truth, and in Heaven there are no lies. The bottom line is that in the end, all the nations will look to Israel after the Redemption comes, speedily in our days. If you choose correctly, you’ll be glad that you did, and if not, you’ll wish that you had.

Thank you for reading and listening to what I poured out from my heart.

P.S.  We sent a letter to our Canadian government to protest against passage of the Bill C-7 that expanded assisted suicide. Who knows what good our letter did, since the bill unfortunately passed, but the fact that we tried is what pleases G-d.