Our Journey of Acceptance

by Mr. S. B. P. Davis ben Noach (a Pious Noahide)

The most important thing is not that you have reached your destination.
Whatever the journey that brought you to where you are now,
you shall never be as you were before your quest began.
You shall be unable to return to where you were.
That is the secret mystery of any journey, no matter how it is taken.

You began believing you knew your destination;
you believed in the reason behind why you began it.
Yet with every step you have taken, you have been altered.
When you think you’ve remained, you find that you’ve traversed a gulf.
Without knowing it, you have changed beyond measure.
Yet no matter what comes, remain honest with yourself.

When you think you are lost, you have traveled within –
you found yourself in a new home within your soul.
For you will find there is no return to that which you thought you knew so well.
Just as you think you’ve reached your destination, that you’ve reached the end…
Look! The continued journey awaits.
It’s time to begin to journey farther than you knew as being possible.

Wherever you end up is where you need to be; G-d doesn’t make mistakes.
What may appear as random chance is the silent whisper of the Will of G-d.
G-d’s Will is not heard in words; it is carried out through our deeds.
Ultimately, it is impacting on the very essence of whom we can become.
The hardest part of our journey is to learn to trust that you are where you are,
not by mistake, but rather for a purpose as part of your ultimate journey.
At this point in space and time you are where you need to be
in order to accomplish a goal, even if it’s not where you want to be.

That is the secret mystery of all journeys.
Are you willing to accept, and learn to trust G-d’s Will?

Accept the circumstances that brought you here, to where you are now.
Accept yourself and your circumstances honestly, from your perspective.
Don’t try to fathom it from G-d’s perspective, for you can’t.
The secret to all journeys is your ability to accept where you are;
when you do, you engage your ability to move forward.
Will you journey to unknown destinations never dreamed of?
Or, will you remain grounded where you are now at this point in time?
Wherever you are, it’s where you need to be for the time you are here, or there.

The hardest journey is self-acceptance – accepting the refinement of your soul.
Whatever comes, remain honest with yourself.
Expect that when your journey is at its end, you can expect that it has only begun.

You can do this, now that you are willing to accept that which you once could not.