A Poem about Trees – Glorious Trees!

Trees – Glorious Trees!
by Michelle H.


dripping with leaves, or hands with fingers full stretch, or arms hung low…


with trunks to climb, with arms outstretched to sit upon, or neatly camouflaged to hide beneath


all shapes, different designs, all the same and yet uniquely… different


taking pride in their positions, standing firm, unconditional service givers


reproducing, transforming, and maturing through every cycle of every season

without interference, they live from beginning to end…

as best they can, through all climates, fed with love from the earth and the sky up above

thanks be to G-d for the trees, and all those sown seeds…

the lessons You gave us, to observe through nature, to harvest only when YOU were ready

and finally we understood that only YOU could judge

thank You !