Affiliated Groups and Communities

Noahide communities and study groups around the world have affiliated with AskNoah International, for Torah-based educational resources, guidance, and connection with local Orthodox Rabbis. Some of these are represented in this section of our web site.


Affiliated Noahide Groups in Africa

This large Noahide community in and beyond Nairobi maintains a number of local study groups who participate in the United Noahide Academies program from Ask Noah.

Affiliated Noahide Groups in Asia

Qehilat Chasidie Umot Ha-Olam (QCUHO) is one of the Noahide community groups in Asia which have affiliated with Ask Noah International for Noahide educational resources and local Rabbinical contacts.

Affiliated Noahide Groups in Europe

The Noachide Society of Great Britain was founded to serve the needs of UK Noahides who want to meet, get involved and study monthly with an Orthodox Rabbi.

Affiliated Noahide Groups in North America

A partial list of Noahide groups and communities in North America who have affiliated with Ask Noah International for educational resources and Rabbinical contacts.