Poem: A Heavenly Rose

A Heavenly Rose

by Brandie bas Noach

Straight from the garden
and still fresh with dew;
a Heavenly rose has been
picked just for you.

Packaged so sweetly
and shipped from above,
Then transplanted here
to grow in your love.

For love is like sunshine,
Torah wisdom like rain;
strong foundations like nutrients
that will always sustain.

From her face there shines beauty,
Her whole being is light;
Sweet mercy in her presence
– comfort, joy, and delight!

As her parents, you are learning
she’ll follow you there;
She’ll blossom and bloom
in your loving care.

From the Torah you’ll teach her
to go in His ways;
She’ll spread beauty and grace
for all her long days.

This girl that you’re having,
this sweet little Rose,
will only get sweeter
as she strengthens and grows.

Her goodness is guarded
in an ark of His love;
Her protection secured
by the One Who’s above.

And when she matures,
she’ll sow her own seeds
in soil she’s layered with
good work and good deeds.

And there, gently sprouting,
more flowers will grow,
more Roses, more Lillys,
fields of love you have sown.

Her promise begins with
your tender love and care
which brings pride to the Gardner
Who planted her there.