Heavenly Levels

What is the meaning of Shechina?

Question: Can you please counsel me on the subject of Shekina?

Answer: The concept of Shechina (as the Hebrew word is commonly spelled in English) is simple. Yet, it is very deep. Explanations of spiritual matters can be discussed from the different perspectives that Torah sources provide. Each perspective adds to the understanding of the subject. The list below briefly covers a range of perspectives on the subject of G-d’s Shechina. Read more »


What are the main levels of spiritual realms?

Here is a broad “road map” of the range of spiritual levels, from “above to below.” This involves some deeper spiritual topics which are discussed in Chassidic teachings. [1] It may seem like an abrupt introduction with several new terms and concepts. But if you study it carefully detail by detail, it should make sense as a logical process.

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If the Garden of Eden is spiritual, did it exist on Earth?

The original Garden of Eden was on Earth, because Adam and Chava were created as immortals and G-d was dwelling together here with them. If they had not sinned, the state of ultimate spiritual bliss would have always existed in the physical world, as G-d desired it to be. Their sin brought death into the world, by which the soul is separated from the body. Until the culmination of the future Messianic Era with the Resurrection of the Dead, when the world will reach its ultimate state of perfection (may it come speedily in our days!), the souls of the departed must suffice with receiving their reward in the levels of the “Garden of Eden” as it exists in the spiritual worlds.