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The forms of physical creatures are defined by their bodies. In contrast, the forms of angels in the spiritual worlds are defined by their spiritual attributes: emotions and intellect.

Descendants of Noah's Sons: Shem, Yafes & Ham

The classical 70 nations came from and were named after the 70 descendants of the three sons of Noah. What happened to them?

Going Beyond the 7

Torah commandments that are duty-bound by logic (e.g. giving charity, honoring parents, etc.) are universal obligations, as they are correct and honorable ways for a person to act.

Heavenly Levels

Our physical world is a microcosm of the myriad spiritual levels through which G-d creates it.

Noahide Mourning

How do I cope after a family member has passed away? How can I comfort a friend who has lost a spouse? Is there life after death?

Noahide Outreach

in the 1980's efforts were started to teach G-d's 7 Laws of Noah. This is now an organized world-wide campaign, and great numbers of Gentiles are accepting this true faith.

Noahide Prayer

Prayer is our way of connecting personally with G-d, and recognizing that it is He Who fulfills all of our needs.

The Messiah & the 3rd Temple

The Holy Temple is the place where G-d dwells most openly. When it will be rebuilt by the true Messiah, it will be the site for all nations to worship and offer sacrifices to G-d.

The Noahide Faith

Gentiles can earn their ultimate reward in the World to Come by accepting and following the Noahide Code that G-d commanded for Non-Jews through Moses at Mount Sinai.

Theological Topics

Theological topics explored from traditional Torah-based perspectives.

Torah-based Morality

What is lacking if one decides to just live as a "good person" in his own eyes, deciding right and wrong based on his conscience?