Unified Study by Noahides: “The Divine Code” by Rabbi Weiner

Join AskNoah’s campaign for World-Wide Unity and the Noahide Movement!

  • The new 14th Annual Self-Study Cycle of THE DIVINE CODE begins June 21, 20’22, in the 4th Edition
  • This new schedule is now arranged by topic numbers, NOT page numbers.
  • Therefore, individuals with any edition of the printed book or ebook can follow this schedule (until the end of their edition). But we highly recommend that everyone should update to the 4th Edition. Be sure to update your ebook for the 4th Edition.
  • You may start participating at any point in the cycle. The book should also be studied straight through at your own faster personal pace.
  • To download the new daily self-study schedule for 21 June 20’22 – 20 June 20’23 CLICK HERE

One obvious way to participate in a world-wide unified activity is through unified study of the Noahide Code. By undertaking a daily schedule of study, great numbers of people can be united in studying the same topics of Noahide observance on the same day, on every day of the year.

We have therefore divided The Divine Code, the first-ever authoritative codification of the Noahide Commandments and the Noahide faith, into an easy and convenient program for daily study. In this way, a participant will cover all topics within the Noahide Code in one year. We have posted the study schedule as PDF file, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The printed book and the link to the ebook are available from the AskNoah Store and other on-line sources.

You are invited to send us an email to register your participation, and let us know what city or country and state or province you are residing in.

Our acclaimed companion book on Torah’s universal spiritual teachings is titled Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge