*Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge: For All Righteous Gentiles

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Book: Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge Format: paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 192 pages.

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“The Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge” is the long-awaited, practical guide to attaining spiritual growth and inner peace as a Righteous Gentile. Written in clear and concise terms, it provides the objective moral foundation for anyone seeking a closer personal connection and relationship with our Creator. The authors adapted universal teachings from classic texts (the Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Mishneh Torah, and Chassidic insights) for enlightenment of the general public about the direct path to great advancements in personal and collective spiritual standing. Rather than being part of a specific religion, this is the faith-based knowledge that has been meant for all people from the earliest Biblical times. The book presents the fundamental principles and character traits, attitudes, actions, and goals in life that will reveal how a person is truly created in the image of God. It is written to be a highly valuable resource on its own, or as an ideal study companion for the growing number of people worldwide who accept and follow the Seven Noahide Commandments that were given by God for Gentiles of all nationalities and cultures.

This work was inspired by the book Sefer HaMadah (The Book of Knowledge), which is the first volume of Mishneh Torah, by the great Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides, or Rambam). As the first part of his monumental codification of the Oral Torah, it explains the Torah’s path to true and proper faith-based knowledge. What the world has been lacking until now is a parallel book written specifically for the fundamentals of faith that apply for Gentiles (Non-Jews), because much of the content of Rambam’s work applies only for Jews. The essential points of our present book, and much of its text, have been taken from the universal parts of the holy words in Sefer Ha’Madah, Beyond that, we have added a great amount of background information and explanations to produce a book that is intended specifically for those who are, or who want to become, righteous and pious Gentiles – Noahides, in modern terms – in G-d’s eyes.

In this book, we have included many of the proper and righteous outlooks, character traits, and goals for life that will provide much-needed guidance for Gentiles who are searching spiritually for an authentic personal connection with the One True G-d. In summary, this book presents the proper views and behaviors for Righteous Gentiles of any nationality or culture, and it will serve as a milestone for the modern Noahide movement.




INTRODUCTION: The Image of G-d Within Every Person
Perfection and Elevation of Mankind (Tikkun Ha’Adam);
Perfection and Elevation of the World (Tikkun Ha’Olam)

THE FIRST GATE: The Gate of Knowledge of G-d
1. Recognition of G-d’s Existence and His Essential Unity
Drawing Closer to G-d on a Personal Level; Explanations from
Torah of G-d’s Existence; G-d’s Total Incorporeality and Unity
2. The Unity of G-d and His Powers; The Mistaken
Belief in Independent Deities
3. Divine Providence and Trust in G-d
4. Bringing Recognition of G-d into One’s Heart and Actions

THE SECOND GATE: The Gate of Prophecy from G-d
1. Centrality of Prophecy in the Foundations of Faith;
The Concept of Free Choice
2. Various Levels of Prophecy
3. The Prophecy and Torah of Moses
4. The Eternity of the Torah of Moses

THE THIRD GATE: The Gate of Serving G-d
1. The Essence of the Service of G-d
2. Contemplation of the Seven Noahide Commandments
and Lessons from the Hebrew Bible
3. The Value of Action, Intention and Happiness in
Serving G-d

THE FOURTH GATE: The Gate of Prayer to G-d
1. The Service of Prayer
2. Prayer with Speech and Intention

THE FIFTH GATE: The Gate of Personal Traits Desired by G-d
1. The Definitions of Behaving as a “Wise Person”
or a “Pious Person”
2. Healing the Soul from Unhealthy Traits
3. Guarding Oneself from Sin; Going Beyond
the Measure of the Law
4. The Trait of Modesty
5. Influence of One’s Environment; Rebuking Another Person
6. Loving Other People and Respecting Other People
7. The Care that a Wise and Righteous Person Must
Take in Speaking
8. Respecting People who Suffer Misfortunes; Honoring
Parents; Honoring One’s Spouse; Educating Children
9. Charity and Acts of Kindness

THE SIXTH GATE: The Gate of Being Tested by G-d
1. Why G-d Tests People
2. A Trouble or Tribulation that Comes Upon Society or
an Individual
3. Relating to Suffering that Others Cause to Oneself
and to the Suffering that Others Experience
4. The Test of Depression

THE SEVENTH GATE: The Gate of Repentance to G-d and the Principle of Reward and Punishment from G-d
1. Contemplating Repentance to G-d
2. Achieving a Complete Repentance
3. How G-d Judges for Rewards and Punishments
4. The Future World to Come and Who Will Merit that Reward
5. Free Will
6. The Obstruction of Free Choice as a Punishment from G-d
7. The Heavenly Reward for a Departed Soul; A Person’s
Reward in the Future World to Come
8. The Messianic Era and the Resurrection of the Dead

APPENDIX: Some Recommended Prayers for Noahides