* Prayers, Blessings, and Faith for Noahides

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Noahide prayers at the beach

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By Rabbis Moshe Weiner and J. Immanuel Schochet.
Editor: Dr. Michael Schulman.
Based on Part I, Chapter 6, in “The Divine Code”

This booklet assists pious Noahides with requests, praises, blessings, and heartfelt prayers and repentance to G-d into their daily lives. It includes essential guidelines for proper prayer, and how to make blessings before and after eating, including a “Grace after Meals”. It also includes a summary of main principles of the Noahide faith, which will enhance the reader’s understanding and provide a simple outline for explaining these concepts to others.

Published by Ask Noah International. 44 pgs, softcover pocket booklet, 3.5×6 inches.

Praises from a pious Noahide, Sarah bat Noach: “I love this Book, It helps me when I wake up and start my day, with prayers and verses and written guidance, I’m recommending this prayer booklet for anyone and it even has a page for children. Very helpful, and I’m growing so much in a positive prayer life. I really love praying to G-d.”

President Obama receives Noahide prayer booklet in Newtown CT

Pres. B.H. Obama receives AskNoah’s Noahide prayer booklet from Noahide David Egorov during evening vigil with grieving family in Newtown, CT (Dec. 16, 20’12)

Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz visits Nessah Synagogue, Beverly Hills, on Aug. 1st and receives Ask Noah's Noahide prayer booklet and outreach materials from Noahide David Egorov.

Pres. candidate Sen. Ted Cruz visits Nessah Synagogue, Beverly Hills (Aug. 1, 20’15) and receives AskNoah’s Noahide prayer booklet from Noahide David Egorov.

CONTENTS of the 6th Edition:

Introduction (The Importance of Charity Boxes)

Part 1: Principles of Faith and Divine Service

Awareness of G-d

The Noahide Path

Serving G-d with One’s Mind and Heart

The Power of Personal Repentance

Part 2: Prayers and Blessings

Recommended Daily Prayers:

Daytime Prayers

Evening Prayers

Blessings Before Eating or Drinking

Other Blessings

Rules of Blessings Before Eating

Grace after a Meal

7 Verses for Noahide Children to Learn

Part 3: Prayers for Specific Needs and Requests

Prayer for Livelihood

Prayer for Travelers

Prayer for a Sick Person

Prayer for a Newborn Gentile Baby

Prayer for a Departed Soul


Selected prayers from this publication:

“L-rd of the Universe” Morning Prayer and Selected Psalms

Prayer of Accepting G-d’s Unity and Kingship

Daily Noahide “Amidah” (“Standing”) Prayer

Prayer of Repentance and Bedtime Psalms

Blessings Before Eating and Short Grace After a Meal


Purchasers’ Comments

From Larry in Florida: “This booklet is a really great prayer guide, for the new Noahide as well as for those who have been following the path for some time. I find myself using it every day. It has suggested prayers and blessings (all Rabbinically authorized) for most – if not all – of one’s needs. It is pocket-sized so you can easily carry it with you. Everyone should check it out.”

From Perth, Australia: Thank you so much for the service that you share via Asknoah.org. Finding you and learning about the existence of the Noahide Commandments is truly an answer to my prayer. It is as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that G-d truly does have a place for me and a path for me to follow. Also, the prayer booklet that you have published has been an additional blessing for me. I sincerely thank you.