Oraciones, Bendiciones, Principios de Fe, y Servicio Divino para Noajidas

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Adaptado de “The Divine Code,” Volumen I por Rabino Moshe Weiner

Incluye oraciones diarias autorizadas por Rabino J. Immanuel Schochet



I. Principios de Fe y Servicio Divino

Conciencia de Dios

La Ruta Noajida

Servir a Dios con la Mente y el Corazón

El Poder del Arrepentimiento Personal

II. Oraciones y Bendiciones

Oraciones Diarias Recomendadas:

Oraciones del Día

Oraciones de la Noche

Bendiciones para Antes de Comer o Beber

Otras Bendiciones

Reglas para las Bendiciones Antes de Comer

Agradecimiento Después de una Comida

7 Versículos para que los Niños Aprendan

III. Oraciones por Necesidades y Peticiones

Oración por la Subsistencia

Oración por los Viajeros

Oración por un Enfermo

Oración por un Bebé Gentil Recién Nacido

Oración por el Alma de un Fallecido

This convenient pocket-size booklet provides a clear, foundational and expertly researched guide for prayers and blessings that have been authorized and recommended for Noahides by expert Rabbis. This popular edition was translated into Spanish with the help of expert Hispanic Noahide translators. The selected prayers and blessings are not meant to serve as an official Noahide liturgy, but rather they are compiled from the general format of the traditional Jewish prayer book (Siddur), drawing mostly from chapters of Psalms. The booklet presents additional prayers, including for livelihood, for safe traveling, for healing, and for a departed soul.

Expanding on the recommendations by the authors that are published in the chapter on Prayer in The Divine Code, Volume I, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, this booklet assists pious non-Jews with integrating requests, praises, blessings, and heartfelt prayers and repentance to G-d into their daily lives. It includes essential instructions on the guidelines for proper prayer, and how to make blessings before and after eating, including a “Grace after Meals” for Noahides.

It also includes a summary of main principles of the Noahide faith, which will enhance the reader’s understanding and provide a simple outline for explaining these concepts to others.

Review by a Mexican Noahide woman:

“With the help from Heaven you and your team did a GREAT JOB! The Spanish translation of the booklet is perfect, it is professional and grammatically well done, the semantic text is very understandable for every Gentile- no matter if a scholar or not. I think this booklet will be like water for the thirsty Spanish-speaking Gentile world. I have observed how many latin americans are becoming Noahides, just in Mexico there is a big community growing so fast. This booklet will give them a solid tool to start working on their spiritual lives. I have no doubt! Thank you for everything, I’m very happy about there soon will be a Spanish prayer booklet, B’H.”

Size: 3.5×6 inches (8.8×15.3 cm). 44 pages.

Publisher: Ask Noah International
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