What prayer can Noahides use to accept G-d’s Kingship?

Noahides are encouraged to make a verbal statement in their prayers every day that they are accepting upon themselves the faith in the Unity and Kingship of the One True G-d. This is called accepting “the yoke of the Kingship of Heaven” (in Hebrew, “ol Malkhut Shamayim“).

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To provide an authorized text for this declaration of faith, the following paragraph was composed by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, o.b.m. (published in “The Divine Code”), as a recommended daily prayer by which Noahides can express their verbal acceptance of the absolute Unity and Sovereignty of G-d:

Almighty G-d, we accept upon ourselves that which is written in Your Torah: “You shall know this day and take to your heart that G-d [alone] is G-d, in the heavens above and on the earth below – there is none other!”[1]  We affirm the precepts of “You shall love G-d, your G-d, with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your might;”[2]  and “Fear G-d, your G-d, and serve Him, and in His Name [alone] shall you vow;”[3] and, as it says, “Fear G-d and keep His commandments, for that is a person’s entire duty.”[4]

Source verses:
1. Deuteronomy 4:39
2. Deuteronomy 6:5
3. Deuteronomy 6:13
4. Ecclesiastes 12:13

Spanish translation:

Aceptación Verbal de la Unidad y Majestad de Dios:

Dios Omnipotente, aceptamos lo que está escrito en Tu Torá: “Sabrás éste día y tomarás en tu corazón que Dios (único) es Dios, por encima en los cielos y por debajo en la tierra – que no hay otro.” Aceptamos los preceptos de: “Amarás a Dios, tu Dios, con todo su corazón, toda tu alma, y todas tus fuerza;” y “Teme a Dios, tu Dios, y sirveLe, y diga un juramento (sólo) por Su Nombre;” y “Teme a Dios, y guarda Sus mandamientos, porque esto es toda la responsabilidad del hombre.”

Russian translation:

Озвучивание принятия Единства и Владычества Всевышнего:

Всемогущий Бог, мы принимаем на себя то, что написано в Твоей Торе: “Познай же сегодня и прими сердцем твоим, что [только] Бог есть Бог, на Небе вверху и на Земле внизу – нет другого!” Мы утверждаем предписания “Люби Бога, Бога твоего, всем сердцем своим, и всей душою своей, и всем существом своим;” и “Бога, Бога твоего, бойся, и ему служи, и [только] Его Именем клянись;” и говорится: “Бога бойся и заповеди Его соблюдай, ибо в этом вся суть человека”

Portuguese translation:

Assumindo a unicidade e a realeza de D’us:

D’us Todo-poderoso, nos assumimos sobre nos os dizeres de Sua Torá (Deut. 4:39):”E tu conheceras hoje, e levaras ao teu coração, que [somente]o Eterno é D’us, nos ceus acima e sobre a terra embaixo – não há outro [D’us]!” Nos affirm os preceitos de: “Amaras o Eterno teu D’us, com todo o teu coração, com toda a sua alma e com todo teu poder;” e “temeras ao Eterno teu D’us, sirva e Ele e [somente]em Seu nome iras jurar:” e, como esta escrito: “tema a D’us e cumpra as suas ordens pois isto é A tarefa de todo homem.”

Classical Chinese translation:

全能上帝, 爾 經 所載, 我儕 受之, 其曰:
Almighty G-d, your scripture as written, we accept it, it stated:

“今 爾 當知、 返思 爾 心,
“Today you shall know, returning contemplating your heart,

惟 上帝 是神, 天上 地下, 別無其他。”
Only L-rd is G-d, above heaven below earth, there is no other.”

我儕 從 斯 誡命, 曰: “爾 當 盡心
We follow this commandment as stated: “You should all heart,

盡性 盡力, 愛 上帝 爾 神。”
all nature (i.e. all soul) all might, love L-rd your G-d.”

兼 “寅畏 上帝 爾 神、 事之、 奉 其名 而起誓”
And “Respectfully fear L-rd your G-d, serve with the Name thus to swear.”

又 如書曰: “寅畏 神、 守其誡命,
And as written in book: “Respectfully fear G-d, keep His commandments,

此乃 人之 全 責。”
this is human’s all responsibility.”