Proposal for improvements to study of Talmud in South Korea

On June 2, 20’22, Dr. Michael Schulman of Ask Noah International was interviewed by Dr. Sarah Sun Liew. She was running in the primary election on June 7 for candidates from California for the U.S. Senate. This video is an excerpt from that interview.

For many years, the study of Talmud (a branch of the Oral Torah) has been popular for South Koreans. There is an idea that it will help them to increase in their power of wisdom (“chochmah” in Hebrew). However, much of the Talmud involves in-depth matters that are only relevant and appropriate for the Jewish people. We propose that South Koreans should instead begin with study of the branch of Oral Torah that applies for all humanity. That is the Noahide Code of Seven Universal Commandments.

With that foundation, the South Koreans can be guided – with the help of expert teachers – to the specific parts of Talmud that are permissible for them to learn. They can then proceed to gain knowledge about the One G-d, and the Seven Commandments and their many offshoots which He has given to them. This includes the logically moral and upright standards of behavior for which G-d sends spiritual and materials blessings to Gentiles and their societies.

Some recommended books: