Affiliated Noahide Groups in Africa

The following is a partial list of Noahide groups and communities in Africa who have affiliated with AskNoah International for educational resources and local Rabbinical contacts.


Noahides Kenya

This Noahide community in and beyond Nairobi maintains a number of local study groups. They participate in the United Noahide Academies® program from Ask Noah International on the Noahide Code, as seen in these photos:

Group study of the Noahide Code in Kenya

The photo below is of a wedding ceremony that was celebrated in the Noahide community of Kenya. The program was provided by AskNoah International, based on a format for Noahide weddings that was approved by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, o.b.m.

Wedding ceremony in Kenya Noahide community

Greetings from the Kenya Noahides!