Affiliated Noahide Groups in North America

The following is a partial list of Noahide groups and communities in North and Central America who have affiliated with Ask Noah International for educational resources and local Rabbinical contacts.


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Graduation event for the Yonkers Noahide study group.

Graduation event for the Yonkers Noahide study group.

An ongoing 8-week course, titled “Introduction to the Seven Laws of Noah,” is being taught – and very well attended –  at a synagogue in Yonkers, on the north side of the New York City metropolitan area. The course is designed to introduce fundamentals of Torah-based belief and lifestyle for Righteous Gentiles, along with guidelines for the study and practical application of the Noahide Code in their daily lives. (The headquarters for these Noahide classes is in the process of relocating to Brooklyn.)


Noahide Study Group of Jacksonville Beaches, Florida

This Noahide group meets regularly to study the precepts of the Noahide Code, taught from the book series “Sheva Mitzvot HaShem,” compiled by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem (an overseeing Rabbi of Ask Noah International).