Ask Noah International Organization

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Letter of Approbation

From Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem, author of Sheva Mitzvot HaShem and The Divine Code

Dr. Michael Schulman, Ph.D. – USA

Executive Director, Ask Noah International

Chaim Reisner – USA

Co-Director, and Founder of Ask Noah

Rabbi Moshe Weiner – Israel

Overseeing Rabbinical Scholar

Rabbi Yosef Schulman – USA

Assistant Director

Rabbi Sholom Ber Bloom – USA

Research Consultant

Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet o.b.m. – Canada (August 27, 1935 – July 27, 2013)

Overseeing Rabbinical Scholar, 2004 – 2013

Participating Rabbis and Noahides – Worldwide