Rabbi M Weiner on his codifying the Noahide Laws

(Playing time = 1:57. Click on the playing video to start/stop; use left/right arrow keys while stopped to jump back/forward by 5 seconds.)

Rabbi Moshe Weiner (Jerusalem, Israel) is the expert Overseeing Rabbi for Ask Noah International. In this video, he explains his motivation for writing a codification (shulchan aruch) of the many precepts within the Torah-based Noahide Code, titled Sheva Mitzvot HaShem (in Hebrew), published by Ask Noah International.

The Divine Code, also by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, is the authorized English translation.

A separate book by Rabbi Weiner, Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge, is the compendium of spiritual knowledge and faith for the Noahide movement and all righteous Gentiles.

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