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Rabbi Moshe Weiner has Codified the Noahide Precepts

This interview in English begins with a short introduction (30 seconds) in Russian.

Sheva Mitzvot HaShem

This book in Hebrew by Rav Moshe Weiner serves as the first halachic shulchan aruch (codification of Torah laws) for understanding and practical observance of the detailed precepts of the Seven Noahide Commandments and the broader Noahide Code. The groundbreaking work took over three years to complete. Its significance cannot be over-emphasized. As ever more Gentiles seek to follow a lifestyle conforming to their Seven Commandments, the growth of the movement has engendered some divergent ideas. One such area is the extent to which Gentiles are permitted within Torah law to observe Jewish commandments. Rabbi Weiner clarified how to determine if a Jewish commandment is obligatory, permissible, or forbidden for a Gentile to observe.

The new second edition of Sheva Mitzvot Hashem is distributed by Ask Noah International, and by Kehot in Brooklyn, NY:


Part 1. Fundamentals of the Faith and General Principles of the Commandments for B’nei Noach (9 chapters)
Part 2. Laws Pertaining to Idolatry (Avodah Zarah) (12 chapters)
Part 3. Laws Pertaining to Blasphemy (Birchat Hashem) (4 chapters)
Part 4. Laws Pertaining to Meat Separated from a Living Animal (Eiver Min Ha’chai) (9 chapters)
Part 5. Laws Pertaining to Murder and Injury (Retzichah v’Chabalah) (9 chapters)
Part 6. Laws Pertaining to Forbidden Relations (Giluy Arayos) (7 chapters)
Part 7. Laws Pertaining to Theft (Gezel) (16 chapters)
Part 8. Establishment of Laws and Courts (17 chapters)
Appendix: Laws Pertaining to a Ger Toshav

Books in English

With Rabbi Weiner’s involvement and oversight, his work was published in English as The Divine Code. Another book by Rabbi Weiner is titled Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge. It is a compendium of spiritual knowledge and faith for the Noahide movement and all righteous Gentiles.

For videos of more talks and lesson by Rabbi Weiner, CLICK HERE

Rabbi Moshe Weiner, author of "The Divine Code"
Rav Moshe Weiner, Jerusalem