May Noahides learn kabbalah?

The following questions were received from a Noahide woman (a “Daughter of Noah” / Bas Noach):

Bas Noach: Is it good for Noahides to learn about kabbala, or is it for Jews only?

From the explanations in The Divine Code, 4th Edition, Part I, topic 5:5:

The parts of kabbala (the “secret” part of Torah) that relate to the Noahide Commandments (e.g. parts relating to knowledge of the greatness of G-d, His Unity, etc.) are permitted for Noahides to learn about, and are recommended. These parts from kabbala are explained in later books that are recommended [which correctly and clearly explain the original esoteric kabbala sources]. Studying from original kabbala sources without guidance is impractical and not recommended for Noahides.

Bas Noach: For the parts that we can learn about it, do you know any good web site?

Some pages on these subjects, from [Q&A about heavenly levels] [Q&A about angels]

Bas Noach: What are some kabbala-related books that are suitable for Noahides?

Please see the list of books on our web page for Chassidic Insights. Most of them have a link to read the entire book on-line:

Bas Noach: I’m very careful about reading about kabbala on the Internet, because I think there are many web-sites that are not good and not true to the real kabbala. Which web-sites shall we NOT visit? I think we need to know which are not good so we don’t read anything false.

You should avoid “pop-culture kabbala” web sites, and any on-line kabbala being taught by Gentiles or by non-observant Jews, and any kabbala sites or groups that avoid mention or discussion of G-d Himself. The correct and understandable explanations of true kabbala are provided by Chassidic teachings.

Bas Noach: What are the benefits for Noahides of any kabbala study? I think it would be nice to know more about… everything, and about “spirituality.” Does it help us to improve our spiritual lives?

The parts of kabbala (as explained through Chassidic teachings) that are beneficial for a Noahide to learn are those that relate to the Noahide Code – e.g. parts relating to knowledge of the greatness and the attributes of G-d, His Unity, His Divine Providence over every created thing, etc. It is important to have teaching and guidance from a reliable Jewish Torah scholar. From the parts that don’t relate to the Noahide Code, Noahides and any other Gentiles won’t learn anything from it that is of practical use for their Divine service and relationship with G-d, so it goes into the category of in-depth Torah study that isn’t permitted.

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Bas Noach: Are there recommendations for Noahide spiritual life?

For a brief introduction, see for example the meritorious acts and traditions presented on the page: