Young Abraham – Animated movie DVD

Selected clip from the full length movie – Abraham smashes the idols in his father’s store:

Young Abraham (“Avram”) contemplates smashing the idols in his father Terach’s idol store.

Animated DVD movie – “Young Abraham”

Here is something that both adults and children will greatly enjoy: a high-quality animation of the early life of Abraham the Patriarch, as he searches for, finds, promotes and sanctifies the One True G-d, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The movie plot is based on the Midrash.

Promo Text: “Nimrod’s kingdom is about to face its greatest challenger in a young boy named Avraham. While little is known [from the verses of Genesis] of Abraham’s childhood, the Midrash presents a mighty tale of this courageous boy who stands toe to toe against the most powerful ruler of the ancient world. From the ancient city of Ur to the lush hills of Canaan [where Abraham goes to learn from Noah about G-d], Abraham’s journey is filled with adventure, danger, and plenty of laughs.”

More short clips from the movie:

DVD running time: 48 Minutes.

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