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Selected clip from the full length movie – Abraham smashes the idols in his father’s store:

Young Abraham (“Avram”) contemplates smashing the idols in his father Terach’s idol store.

Here is something that both adults and children will greatly enjoy:  a high-quality animation of the early life of Abraham the Patriarch, as he searches for, finds, promotes and sanctifies the One True G-d, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The movie plot is based on the Midrash.

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Promo Text: “Nimrod’s kingdom is about to face its greatest challenger in a young boy named Avraham. While little is known [from the verses of Genesis] of Abraham’s childhood, the Midrash presents a mighty tale of this courageous boy who stands toe to toe against the most powerful ruler of the ancient world. From the ancient city of Ur to the lush hills of Canaan [where Abraham goes to learn from Noah about G-d], Abraham’s journey is filled with adventure, danger, and plenty of laughs.”

DVD Running time: 48 Minutes.

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Movie Review by N.T. and M. Schulman:

Young Abraham begins with the birth of this famous child, in the Middle Eastern city of Ur that was ruled by King Nimrod. (He was named Avram at birth; at the age of 99 his name was changed by G-d to Abraham; see Genesis ch. 17.) The astrologer of King Nimrod foresees at the time of Avram’s birth that it’s destined that Avram will grow up to go against the worship of pagan deities that was prevalent in the world at that time. King Nimrod therefore commands that the child must be killed, but his father Terach saves him, and his mother conceals him in a distant cave. As Abraham grows up, with his keen mind and his observations of nature, he discovers the truth that nature is controlled by one all-powerful deity, Who is the One True G-d.

From that point on, Abraham is determined to live for the purpose of revealing the One True G-d to the people of his time. Throughout the movie, Abraham struggles toward this goal which is the one issue that underlies the whole plot.

Young Abraham is a modern animated movie that is set in a dramatic rather than narrative form. All of the incidents are fully portrayed for the viewer, and nothing happens “behind the scenes.” Because of this full treatment and because the plot is so powerful, the movie arouses compassion and suspense in the viewer. To enhance the conflicts in the movie, there is good narration and background music that help to build the emotional effect. The action is accompanied by instrumental and rhythmic sound effects that make the drama more intense.

For example, after Abraham returns as a young man to his family in Ur, he smashes the idols in the shop owned by his father. For this he is condemned to be executed, but when he is being taken to be killed, he prays to G-d to save him. A miracle occurs and he escapes, and eventually with the help of an angel, he arrives at the Torah academy that is still headed by Noah. After a number of years of thoroughly absorbing Noah’s teachings, he returns to Ur to defy King Nimrod’s new plan to declare himself to be a god. Abraham publicly challenges Nimrod, and is saved by a great open miracle that brings everyone in the city, including Nimrod, to renounce their idolatry and accept the One G-d.

Through the drama and suspense of these incidents and others, the viewer is drawn to feel compassion for the young Abraham and fear for his well-being in each challenge that he encounters.

In the movie, each featured character plays a crucial role in the development of the action and in the spiritual growth of Abraham himself. Early in the movie, from the time he is a small child, Abraham is questioning who or what controls the world, until he reaches the point when he discovers something new – the existence of the One True G-d. His main mission which he accomplishes during the time span of the movie is to reveal G-d in the pagan metropolis of Ur where he was born. At the very end of the movie, the viewer is informed of the subsequent Biblical history, which is that this particular victory by Abraham will fail to have a lasting effect: many years later, King Nimrod will return to his idolatry and other evil ways.

The main element that the movie focuses on is Abraham’s desire in his youth to find and reveal the One True G-d, which is his singular challenge. The script is a flowing dialogue that is pleasing to listen to. The events are portrayed realistically and bring the viewer to identify fully with Abraham. By the end, when he has married Sarah, he has gained a full appreciation for G-d. At that point, he is looking forward to his next and greater mission with the help of his righteous wife, which will be the spreading of knowledge of G-d in all the lands west of Ur, up to and including the land of Canaan. That is where the story of Abraham in the Book of Genesis commences (Genesis 11:29).

Here is another great children’s book about Abraham (Avram):

A Little Boy Named Avram

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Suggested ages: 3 – 6. At 3 years, Avram realizes that the neither the sun, the moon, nor any of the forces of nature is G-d. Follow him as he discovers the true Creator of the world! A charming story, artistically hand-lettered and beautifully illustrated. Based on the Midrash. Includes background notes for parents and teachers.