Better Education is Key to Healthy Society

Government is responsible to use its authority to promote the rule of law and protect the welfare of its citizens. Ultimately, law and order can be maintained when people fear the government. But relying on fear tactics means that otherwise there would be chaos.

In matters of physical health, there are two possible approaches: one way is to wait until a person is sick and then seek out a cure. A more effective way is the preventative approach: to take care of your health in the first place by living a healthy lifestyle.

The same is true of society’s health: Instead of government struggling to muster funds to build more jails and hire tens of thousands more police, lawyers, and judges to impose law and order through fear, if a fraction of that money were put toward improving public education — not just to teach students information, but to instill in them proper moral values — how much suffering would be prevented!

It’s already been proven: Those communities who have focused their resources on proper moral education in schools have significantly reduced crime and government spending.

From 19th of Kislev 5742 – December 15, 19’81