Mendel Markel: Rocking through the Book of Genesis

Themes from the weekly Torah portions in Genesis, set to rock music! Listen, enjoy and learn…

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Genesis: “Let There Be” (Creation)

Noach: “Raging Waters” (The Flood)

Lech Lecha: “A Long Journey” (Abraham’s travels)

Vayeira: “Sacrifice” (Abraham is told to offer his son Isaac)

Chaye Sarah: “A Servant’s Prayer” (Eliezer finds Rebecca)

Toldos: “Of Books and Bows” (Jacob takes the birthright)

Vayeitzei “21 Years” (Jacob labors for Rachel)

Vayishlach: “Sciatica” (Jacob returns to face Esua)

Vayeishev: “Slave Song” (Joseph is sold into slavery)

Mikeitz: “The Dreamer” (Joseph succeeds through his dreams)

Vayigash: “Still Alive” (Joseph reunites with his brothers)

Vayechi: “Strong” (Jacob’s last days)