Lesson of the New Year for Trees (Tu B’Shevat)

Tu B’Shevat (15th Shevat / Jan. 28 in 20’21) is the day in the year when sap begins to flow in the trees in Israel. In Torah Law, this is the New Year for Trees. Calculating the years of fruit tree is necessary for several Jewish agricultural commandments. It is an ancient custom to mark this day by eating fruits  – especially the fruits of the Land of Israel which the Torah praises: grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives  and dates.

The Torah teaches that a person is likened to a tree in important ways. For example, the G’d-given potential in every person must be individually nurtured so it will fully develop and come to fruition:

  • The roots represent a person’s faith in G-d, which is his connection to his Source.
  • The trunk represents the main body of a person’s Divine service: his study and observance of his commandments.
  • The fruit represents the positive influence that a person has on other people.

For more information about Tu B’Shevat and its universal messages for all Gentiles, please see this talk by the Rebbe: https://asknoah.org/essay/tu-bshevat-rosh-hashana-new-year-for-trees

“The righteous will flourish like a date palm…” (Psalms 92:13)