How to Fix Public School Systems – by Raising Moral Children


The U.S. has been experiencing an increasing amount of violent attacks in schools and on the streets. Unfortunately, politicians continue to respond by trying to shift the blame and take reactive measures. In the meantime, a generation of children is being raised without moral guidance – especially in the elementary school grades. The problem can only be solved by first objectively examining the root of the problem. What are the children lacking that has caused this increasing problem?

The answer is to provide moral education in the schools. Schools have a responsibility to raise children who are imbued with a sense of morality, integrity and caring about others. The children must be educated – especially in school – to know that G-d is constantly observing their actions, speech and thoughts.

This needs to include that they are obligated to observe the Seven Noahide Commandments.

An address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on 12 Tammuz, 5743 / June 23, 1983.