Recollections of Chaim Reisner & History of Ask Noah Int’l

Dr. Michael Schulman is the President and Executive Director of the Noahide outreach organization Ask Noah International. In this video, he shares some recollections of the organization’s founder Chaim Reisner. This necessarily includes the history of how the Ask Noah organization developed, and some of the major projects that were undertaken.

This talk was recorded as a segment for the virtual community gathering on 12 Nissan (March 24, 20’21). The 12th of Nissan is the date of Chaim’s yahrzeit (anniversary of passing).

The virtual gathering was presented by Rabbi Yossi Schulman, CEO and President of the organization Unite The World and .

Chaim Reisner, Founder of Ask Noah International

Chaim Reisner, Founder of Ask Noah International