Book: Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge

Dr. Michael Schulman, Executive Director of Ask Noah International, gives an introduction to this major new book for Noahides and all Righteous Gentiles:

This book was inspired by the Sefer HaMadah (The Book of Knowledge), by the great Rabbi Maimonides (Rambam), which explains the Torah’s path to true and proper faith-based knowledge. What the world has been lacking until now is a parallel book written specifically for the fundamentals of faith that apply for Gentiles (Non-Jews), because much of Rambam’s book applies only for Jews. The essential points of our new book have been taken from the universal parts of Sefer HaMadah. Beyond that, we added background information and explanations to produce a book that is intended specifically for those who are, or who want to become, righteous and pious Gentiles – Noahides, in modern terms – in G-d’s eyes. We have included many of the proper and righteous outlooks, character traits, and goals for life that will provide much-needed guidance for Gentiles who are searching spiritually for an authentic personal connection with the One True G-d. This book presents proper views and behaviors for Righteous Gentiles of any nationality or culture, and it will serve as the next milestone for the modern Noahide movement.