Adding customs in worship of G-d, but not as a new religion

The prohibition called chidush da’as in Hebrew includes human innovation of new (post-Sinai) religious observances in the format of divine commandments. In this video, Rabbi Moshe Weiner explains that this applies even when it is directed to the worship of Hashem (referring in Hebrew to the One True G-d) by righteous Gentiles (“Noahides”, or in Hebrew, B’nai Noach, who observe the Seven Laws of Noah).

For a more complete explanation of this important topic, see The Divine Code, 4th Edition, by Rabbi Weiner. Specifically, these topics are explained in Part I (Fundamentals of the Faith), Chapter 3 (The Prohibition Against Making a New Religion or Adding a Commandment), and in Part II (The Prohibition of Idolatry), Chapter 6 (The Prohibition of Creating a New Religion).

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Rabbi Moshe Weiner