Video class (Unite To Study): 7 Gates of Righteous Knowledge

Australian Noahide leader Christina Seaton Thomson presented this 18-lesson class on the book Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

This books teaches fundamental universal spiritual principles from Torah that are necessary for all righteous Gentiles to learn and understand. It outlines the objective moral foundation for a closer personal relationship with the Creator. Its insights from classic texts (Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Mishneh Torah, and Chassidic insights) provide enlightenment about the direct path to real advancement in spiritual standing and attainment of inner peace.

This video series was produced for the project “Unite To Study”, by the organization Unite The World (

Book: Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge

Lesson 1: Introduction to the 7 Universal Principles

2: Created in the image of G-d

3: The Unity of G-d

4: G-d’s providence in our lives

5: Internalizing the recognition of G-d

6: The Centrality of Prophecy in the Foundation of Faith

7: Levels of Prophecy

8: The essence of the service of G-d

9: The Gate of Serving G-d

10: Service of Prayer

11: Behavior and Character Traits

12: Personal Traits Desired by G-d, Part 1

13: Personal Traits Desired by G d, Part 2

14: Why Does G-d Test Us?

15: Being Tested by G-d

16: Repentance, Reward and Punishment

17: The Future World To Come

18: Departed Souls and Heavenly Reward