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By the Grace of G-d

Creative artwork and poems BY and FOR kids who visit!

Fourth Day of Creation

On the fourth day G-d placed the sun, moon and stars in the heavens! By M. G., age 7

Noah and the animals

Noah and the animals, by M.R., age 9

Noah brings the dove

Noah brings the dove, by N. Altein, Pittsburgh, PA

Animals coming to the ark

The wolf and the lamb, the ox and the lion, all came to Noah! By M.R., age 9

Noah and the Dove

By N. Altein, Pittsburgh, PA

Noah's dove and the bright rainbow

Noah’s dove and the bright rainbow, by M.R., age 9


Noah's Ark

Try to find the dove!

By E. S., Pittsburgh, PA:“Yehudah, the son of Tema, said

Be bold as a leopard

Be bold as a leopard…

Be light as an eagle

light as an eagle…


swift as a deer…


and strong as a lion…

to carry out the will of your Father in Heaven.” (Ethics of the Fathers, ch. 5)

Souls of a martyred Israeli family being welcomed to Heaven

Souls of a martyred Israeli family being welcomed to Heaven, by J.R. bas Noach



A Poem to G-d

by N. Schulman (age 6) 

You are the only G-d.
You’re the only One Who can
take care of us and save us.

We don’t serve idols.
Some people think that
idols are a god,
but we don’t serve idols.

We can pray to G-d
and He can save us.

When we pray He can just
make our hearts filled with love,
and we can love Him with our hearts.

Even though we can’t see G-d,
we still know He is here.


The Holy Land

Elisheva G. (age 8) and Z.D.

There is a city so cherished by us,
Jerusalem, where the Kohanim brought korbanos.

There the Leviyim sang praises to HaShem,
But now in America, Europe, and places like them,

When we pray it’s toward there that we bow
And we ask Hashem, please bring Moshiach now!

one-man_band… Praise Him with harp and lyre; praise Him
with timbrel and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and flute; praise Him with resounding cymbals! …
(Psalm 150)

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