Are G-d’s eyes always upon the Promised Land?

IMPORTANT READING FOR EVERY NOAHIDE: Fundamental principles and historical highlights explained from the Torah perspective.

Eyes upon the land of Israel

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Author: Rabbi E. Touger. Based on talks and writings of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. Part 1: fundamental principles of the Middle East conflict. Part 2: historical highlights of phases in the regional conflict, the approach taken by the Israeli government, and the relevant Torah Laws and strategic facts which the Rebbe stressed over many years.





Publisher’s Foreword

Part I: The Principles Underlying The Israel-Arab Conflict

      • At The Core Of The Issue
      • What Risks Can You Be Willing To Take?
      • Peace For Peace
      • When Is Peace More Likely?
      • [Who is it that] Really Wants Peace?
      • Why Let Terror And Peace Go Hand In Hand?
      • Why Won’t We Say What The Emperor Is [Not] Wearing?
      • [The Jews’] Right To The Land Of Israel
      • Practically What To Do Now
      • What America Want[ed]
      • Projecting An Image
      • Concern That Leaps Over Geographic Boundaries

Part II: Phases In The Israel-Arab Conflict: Israeli Approaches & Suggested Alternatives

    • Israeli Approaches & Suggested Alternatives
    • The Six-Day War And Its Aftermath
    • The War Of Attrition
    • The Yom Kippur War
    • Courage And Fortitude, But Whose? – The Camp David Accords
    • Lebanon
    • Autonomy And Intifada
    • The Gulf War
    • What The Future Has In Store