The Divine Code, Fourth Edition (Kindle Ebook)

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The Divine Code, Fourth Edition ebook

The Guide to Observing the Noahide Code, Revealed from Mount Sinai in the Torah of Moses

Ebook Fourth Edition, Parts I – VIII with Appendix

By Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Jerusalem. Editor: Dr. Michael Schulman, Ph.D. Primary translator: Rabbi Yosef Schulman. Pub. Ask Noah International.

This is the English edition of Sheva Mitzvot HaShem,” Volumes I-III (in Hebrew)

Section introductions by Rabbi Moshe Weiner; Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, Ph.D. (o.b.m.); Rabbi Shimon D. Cowen, Ph.D.; Arthur Goldberg, J.D.; Joe M. Regenstein, Ph.D.; and Michael Schulman, Ph.D.

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Part I. Fundamentals of the Faith (9 chapters, 14 main precepts)

Part II. The Prohibition of Idolatry (12 chapters, 10 main precepts)

Part III. The Prohibition of Blasphemy (4 chapters, 5 main precepts)

Part IV. The Prohibition of Eating Meat that was Separated from a Living Animal (9 chapters, 6 main precepts)

Part V. The Prohibition of Murder and Injury (9 chapters, 10 main precepts)

Part VI. The Prohibition of Forbidden Relations (7 chapters, 7 main precepts)

Part VII. The Prohibition of Theft (16 chapters, 12 main precepts)

Part VIII. Establishment of Laws and Courts (4 chapters, 27 main precepts)

Appendix: The Pious Gentile and the Ger Toshav in Torah Law

This ebook 4th Edition has the following updated features and content:

  • Numerous typing errors that were found in the Third Edition have been corrected.
  • An Appendix has been added on Torah laws that are particularly relevant for a Pious Gentile/Noahide (at present) or a Ger Toshav (in the future era) who lives among Jews.
  • Listings of the main precepts in each Part have been added from the book Tishim Ĥukim (Ninety Laws) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner (the total number listed is 36 obligations and 55 prohibitions, each of which has its own details and offshoots).
  • A number of points have been clarified, and some redundant sentences have been deleted, especially in Part II, Chapter 3, on liability for idol worship.
  • Several of the Editor’s Notes have been added or enhanced.
  • The footnotes have been changed to jump-linked endnotes.
  • The Table of Contents is fully jump-linked to each chapter.
  • The reader is advised that important information is included in many of the endnotes.

Sample Reader’s Reviews

#1: Greetings to the Directors and Rabbis. I just want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the hard work and energy you have all put into this project. The first of its kind! I received my copy of “The Divine Code” a few weeks ago, and it is a truly incredible work. Noahides owe you all a great debt of gratitude for what you have done. I have been on my own spiritual journey now for almost ten years and have many times considered conversion to Judaism as I cannot accept non-Torah theology and practice. Now because of your hard work and sacrifice, I feel that I can finally give my family a tradition of belief I can truly believe in. Thank you.

#2: Today I am finally holding in my hands a copy of your book “The Divine Code” as well as the little Prayer Booklet for Noahides. I just wanted to say “thank you” for such an informative, thought provoking and soul searching book. Now I can really and further implement its practical emphasis and ideals in my life. I am sure that I echo the same sentiments and attitude as most of my Noahide brothers and sisters all over the world. Shalom and may the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob richly reward you in your endeavors to make His Will known to the Worldwide International Community.

Approbations from a Chief Rabbi of Israel:

Letter of blessing from Israel’s Former Chief Sefardic Rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar,
(free translation; to view Rabbi Amar’s original Hebrew letter with English translation, Click here)

With the Help of Heaven, Tammuz 6, 5768 / July 9, 2008

I saw the good book, well-written and aptly titled “Sheva Mitzvot HaShem,” compiled and authored by the Rabbi and great scholar, Rabbi Moshe Weiner, may he live for many long and good days. I have also seen the immense work that was required to explain all the matters of the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah, and this was done very well, written in simple, clear language, so that the reader can easily comprehend it. I bless him that G-d should send him success in all his endeavors, to continue in his holy work, and to author and publish more works in excellent physical health. And may it be G-d’s will that he see blessing in the work of his hands, that he has prepared for the sake of G-d, blessed be He.

Waiting for G-d’s salvation and mercy,
Shlomo Moshe Amar
Chief Rabbi of Israel

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