“Grace after Meals” Postcard for Noahides – English and Spanish editions

Grace of Meals card, side 1Grace After Meals for GentilesNoah’s rainbow and the Seven Commandments shine on one side of this handy new card. The other side is a recommended “Grace after Meals” prayer for all Noahides, from “The Divine Code,” Volume 1, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem (published by Ask Noah International).  Giving thanks to your Creator is the perfect way to change your daily routine into a spiritually uplifting experience. The card includes contact information for the informative website www.asknoah.org.

Great for weddings and dinner parties!

100 cards, printed on sturdy, glossy postcard paper stock.

Please allow for approximately 3 weeks delivery time on all orders.

$22.50, English version, shipping within U.S.A.

$27.50, English version, international shipping.

$22.50, Spanish version, shipping within U.S.A.

$27.50, Spanish version, international shipping.