The Rebbe was Very Busy Promoting the Noahide Laws

In this short video clip from the “Daily Rebbe Video,” the Rebbe tells Mr. David Chase that he has been very busy promoting the “Sheva Mitzvot” (Seven Commandments) for “Bnai Noach” (all Gentiles).

Text of the dialogue:

The Rebbe: “And [you, Mr. David Chase, should] influence in the same spirit all the Jews around you, and the B’nai Noach [Gentiles] also.”

David Chase: “Thank you.”

The Rebbe: “I am very occupied now with spreading the Sheva Mitzvos B’nai Noach [Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah] – the so-called Seven Laws of Noachide. And these directly affect also the Jewish activities. When all the people around us will behave according to these Sheva Mitzvos B’nai Noach, it will become much easier to achieve all the good things that we all have spoken about, and achieving them b’darchei no’am [in a pleasant manner].”

David Chase: “A healthy, happy and wonderful year.”