Mind Over Matter: The Mind Does Matter!

Rabbi Nachman Simon reads essential excerpts from the book “Mind Over Matter: The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Science, Technology and Medicine.”

Translated & edited by Dr. A. Gotfryd. From the Overview: The Rebbe possesses an unprecedented combination of abilities enabling him to resolve Torah-science issues. Indeed, since Maimonides there probably has not been another Torah scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of the sciences and the philosophy of science comparable to the Rebbe. This only partially related to the fact that in the 1930’s he studied [doctorate-level] science, philosophy, and engineering at some of the best universities in Europe – the Sorbonne, the Polytechnic Institute of Paris, and the University of Berlin. [Over the rest of his life, the Rebbe stayed technically informed about the advancements in science, and in some cases, he foresaw specific advances before they became recognized by the experts in those fields.] This academic background, combined with mastery of the nigle (the “open,” Talmudic meaning of the Torah) and the nistar (the secret meanings of the Torah) and the special vision of a tzaddik (righteous person) enabled the Rebbe to resolve the Torah versus science “argument” and put it into the proper perspective.

This book incorporates information on independent scientific findings and writings by recognized experts in fields such as neurology and quantum physics.

Rabbi Simon is Director of Chabad House of Delmar, NY.

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Mind Over Matter