Introduction to the Seven Universal Principles

Rabbi Yossi Schulman, Assistant Director of Ask Noah International, is now the President and CEO of the charitable organization Unite The World, which he created for outreaching the Seven Universal Principles for all mankind. The organization’s project called “Unite To Study” (web site offers a selection of live weekly classes in English or Spanish by Zoom hook-up, about the Seven Universal Commandments, the broader Noahide Code, and other selected topics in Torah.

When you register through their web site for one or more of these free weekly classes, you will join others around the world on a journey to explore the practical and spiritual dimensions of the Seven Laws of Noah, ranging from their Biblical sources and their meanings in Torah Law, to their modern applications in the challenges that are being faced by individuals and society. Ask Noah invites you to visit their web site today to register for a course in English or Spanish, and to share this opportunity with your family and friends.

The goal of the global “Unite To Study” program is to bring more inspiration and meaning into everyone’s recognition and fulfillment of their unique mission in life. When you discover, contemplate, and share the knowledge and life-messages of the Seven Universal Principles, you will be making a lasting positive impact on your life and on the future of our world!

Rabbi Yossi Schulman of Unite The World

Rabbi Yossi Schulman, President and CEO, Unite The World