Message from Unite The World – Crisis in the Land of Israel

This is an open video message in response to the current crisis in the Land of Israel. It is produced by Rabbi Yossi Schulman, Director of Unite The World, and Assistant Director of Ask Noah International.

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He explains that a faction’s refusal to accept seven essential principles has become an existential threat to civilized society. Anyone who condones or tolerates such factions is partnering with their terrorism and is a threat to everyone’s well-being. The Seven Universal Commandments, known as the Seven Laws of Noah, are the basis for these seven principles:

1. Recognize the Higher Power
2. Respect the Higher Power
​​3. Respect All Human Life
4. Respect Family Relationships and Marriage
5. Respect the Property and Rights of Other People
6. Respect All Living Creatures
7. Respect and Uphold a Righteous Judicial System
The 7th Principle includes educating society about the values of charitable giving and acts of kindness.

Map of the Middle East:

Middle East