ARK Project: Noah’s Ark Charity Boxes for Kids

School children in the El Paso, Texas, community are learning to give charity and do more acts of kindness through the A.R.K. project: the Noah’s ark charity box (known in Hebrew as a pushka or tzedakah box).

A note about a statement in the movie, in which a suggestion was made for parents to give their child coins to put in his or her charity box, not as “allowance” money, but only as charity. However, the Rebbe taught that it’s better for parents to let their child earn an “allowance” (for example, a certain amount every week for doing chores), and train the child to give a part of it (e.g., in the range of 10% to 20%) as charity. That way, the child learns (a) responsibility, (b) managing money, and (c) giving charity from his or her own money. Example: The parents give an allowance of 1 dollar per week, from which the child gives 10 cents (10%) as charity, which can be 1 or a few pennies to put into the charity box every day of the week for Gentile children (or over the 6 weekdays for Jews).


To order ARK charity boxes from Ask Noah: CLICK HERE

Noah's Ark Charity Box