Lecture by R’ Bernath: Abraham and Positive Transformation

Video lecture by Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, creator of the highly acclaimed animated move, “Young Abraham”.

Rabbi Bernath joins Unitetostudy.org with a fascinating review of the teachings from Midrash about the first 75 years of Abraham’s life, which are skipped over in the text of Genesis.

After humanity and the creatures of the land were saved from the flood in Noah’s ark, the world was renewed, but under the dictatorship of Nimrod, it degenerated again into idolatry and rebellion against G-d, until Abraham arose with the power of goodness and kindness, to illuminated the world with his beacon of spiritual light and truth.

This brings one to ask: Is spiritual darkness real, or is it just an absence of spiritual light? By giving his message of monotheism and the 7 Noahide Commandments through kindness, Abraham made a great positive transformation of the world. So can you!

Scene from the movie "Young Abraham"

Young Abraham (“Avram”) contemplates smashing the idols in his father Terach’s idol store.