Acts of Goodness and Kindness

Practical suggestions for doing Acts of Goodness and Kindness for others. Join the movement to Pay it Forward!*

Iris Bouquet © Linda Frimer

Sending a Nice Surprise

Mail a newsy card or letter, or send an e-card.
Give an unexpected present or send flowers.

Putting the Phone to Good Use

Call an old friend, or call your children just to say hi.
Call to compliment someone on a job well done.

Kind and Thoughtful Speech

Suppress an urge to gossip.
Thank someone for their efforts.
Look for and speak about the good qualities of others.

Devoting Time for Others

Make a new friend.
Visit someone in a hospital or nursing home and cheer them up.

The Joy of Giving

Donate your magazines to a nursing home.
Give some charity every day (money and/or kind acts).**
Put money in an expired parking meter (besides your own!).
Include an AskNoah Brochure when you send a letter or a package.

Especially for Parents to Do

Be patient, encouraging and forgiving with your children.
Hug your children and ask them how they’re feeling.
Give allowances & teach children to set aside part for charity.
Read to children and help them with their homework.
Send your parents pictures of their grandchildren.
Tell your children about Noah and teach them the 7 Laws.
Teach your children to be kind to animals.

Especially for Children to Do

Call your parents and grandparents and get them feeling happy.
Don’t quarrel or fight with your brothers and sisters.
Do chores and be helpful without waiting to be reminded.
Draw a picture from the story of Noah and send it to our Kids’ Art Gallery.

Especially for Spouses to Do

Celebrate special dates (birthdays, anniversary, etc.)
Give warm smiles – they’ll be reflected back to you!
Turn off the TV and spend some quality time together.
Do those home projects that have been neglected for too long.

The Rose © Linda Frimer

Acts of Kindness to do for Seniors or Disabled Persons

Rake leaves or mow their lawn.
Give them a ride to shopping, appointments, etc.
Give assistance in opening a door or crossing the street.
Give them your attention, respect and patience.

*Pay it Forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. Since each one of us is a beneficiary of blessings from G-d, He is giving each one of us daily opportunities and abilities to be His agent, to Pay it Forward!

charity can**Thanks to the Noahide woman who sent us this message:

I have come to the conclusion/realization that time is more valuable to me than money, and here is how I’ve incorporated this into my life. In my daily routine, even when I forget to study or I forget to pray, I almost always remember to give to charity. I have a jar on my dresser. Each week I have $100 to spend on food, gas, and whatever. I decided to give $1 in the morning and $1 in the afternoon. I got a bunch on $1 bills. I see the jar, reach down and pick up a dollar, and put it in the jar. This takes very little time. I took my copy of the Artscroll Torah out of my nightstand (where I couldn’t see it) and put it next to the jar to remind me to give the charity. That way, hopefully, when I see the Torah I will give G-d that which is more important to me – the few moments of time that it takes to do a good deed.